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Blue Divine is Atlanta’s Home of the HydraFacial™

Don’t let the name fool you—this is so much more than a facial. This advanced resurfacing treatment is highly-sought after after receiving endorsement from celebrities like Eva Mendes, Amy Poehler, Kate Winslet and the queen herself, Beyonce, because it delivers stunning results.

HydraFacial™ detoxifies, rejuvenates, brightens, improves pigment, and protects dramatic anti-aging and/or acne-eliminating results. Great for all skin types, this non-invasive resurfacing procedure provides cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration with a glycolic/salicylic peel, peptides and antioxidants.

Every time you book a HydraFacial™ from Blue Divine,

It’s a medical treatment with a luxurious spa experience.


It’s the unique serum delivery system that puts the HydraFacial™ into a category of its own.

Watch the multi-step treatment cleanse, exfoliate and extract to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time quenching skin with vital nutrients like antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid

The amazing results are both instant and long-lasting!

  • Before-HydraFacial™ PLUS
    After-HydraFacial™ PLUS
    Before HydraFacial™ PLUS After
  • Before-DETOX
    Before DETOX After
  • Before-BRIGHT
    Before BRIGHT After
  • Before-FIRM
    Before FIRM After


The same great Hydrafacial™ treatment, with the added firming power of Connective Tissue Growth Factor vortex boost, to deliver some of the strongest anti-aging results and maintain healthy, youthful skin. The Growth Factor is made even more powerful by combining it with red LED light therapy— which repairs skin, boosts collagen and calms inflammation.

Not only does this treat aging, it is effective on acne scars, large pores, melasma, rough and uneven skin.


For oily, congested and acne-prone skin, this Hydrafacial™ begins with steaming a wet diamond tip dermabrasion which infuses the skin with beta hydroxy acid, boosting effects salicylic acid, and calming anti-inflammatory ingredients. Followed by a 15% peel boost, advanced extractions, and all of the standard Hydrafacial treatment protocol.

The treatment ends with blue light therapy which kills bacteria and controls oil.


Firm your skin with the power of phyto nurtrients and even skin toning antioxidants with the classic hydrafacial to stimulate collagen, a 15% glyclolic peel & power serum also, combined with a Babybotox wrinkle relaxing peptide complex & coupled with RED light therapy.


Brighten your complexion with a with a vortex peel enhancement & britenal, extractions, britenal complex, and even toning antioxidants, coupled with Red and blue led light therapy and redefining serum.


Intense healing for aging skin; brightens; diminishes age spots, sun damage, melasma, large pores, and redness Repairs skin on a cellular level, helping your skin heal itself, with lymphatic drainage, peel boost, Dermabuilder, Britenol®, wet diamond tip dermabrasion and red/blue light therapy. Expanded treatment area includes the neck and décolletage.


The classic Hydrafacial with NO glycolic acid and simple extractions, a clairfying serum and Blue Led lights.

Dermabuilder – “Baby Botox,” relaxes fine lines & wrinkles. - $75

Red Light Therapy – Calms skin to reduce inflammation, rosacea and redness. Stimulates collagen to repair and firm skin - $50.

Blue Light Therapy – Kills bacteria at the root, decongests and controls oil. - $50

30% Glycolic Peel Boost - $30

15% Glycolic Peel Boost – enhances exfoliation, minimizes pores, fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. - $30

Lymphatic Drainage – Detoxify, drain sinuses, reduce puffiness, relieve congestion and acne. - $25

Wet Diamond Tip Dermabrasion – More aggressive exfoliation, great for acne and scars, improves absorption of products. - $50

Britenol®– Brighten skin, reduce sun damage and age spots with prescription-strength vitamin C and bearberry extract. - $40

Décolletage and neck - $75

Hands - $35

We highly recommend regular monthly Hydrafacials. Please ask us about our daily essential products to support the results of your regular Hydrafacial treatment series.

*All add on's must be booked at the time of facial service.

Hydrafacial™ Daily Essentials

These products are an extension of the treatment, maintaining and enhancing results between procedures. Each product is formulated with the same performing ingredients found in each in-office treatment. These products combine the best parts of a Hydrafacial™ - superior moisture, revitalizing antioxidants, and ultimate protection - the products work on every skin type and delivers amazing results.




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