It's time to ditch the razor for the laser. Say goodbye to shaving and razor burn and hello to smooth skin and shorter showers.


Laser Hair Removal Atlanta

Most of us can imagine pesky, hairy areas on our bodies that we would love to get rid of. Think to yourself: How many hundreds of dollars have I spent on shaving products? How much time do I spend trying to get rid of pesky hairs by pulling them out of my skin with tweezers? There are countless people all across the state of Georgia and beyond that are embarrassed that they have unsightly blemishes caused by hair growth, and don’t know how to treat these conditions properly. Whether you have issues with anything from acne to ingrown hairs, you should know that the root of the problem is hair, contrary to popular belief. At Blue Divine we can treat any area of the body for both males and females. We can treat every skin color or pigmentation, and we offer the highest-quality professional services like laser hair removal in Atlanta, GA at the most competitive prices that can be found in the Southeast.

Some common body parts to have hair removal treatments are as follows:


Women's Areas

atlanta laser hair removal

Chin & Up


Brazilian Bikini




Men's Areas

laser hair removal atlanta

Back and Shoulders

Chest and Abs

Front and Back of Neck





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Our Laser Hair Removal Treatments get Permanent Results


All of our lasers at Blue Divine shoot out a light that is converted into a heat source, and is then used to treat hair follicles that are actively growing. These hair follicles actually absorb the laser energy that is emitted from the laser, which stops the hair from growing. You may be wondering, why will I need more than one treatment if the hair growth stops? The answer lies within the growth cycles of hair. There are three stages of hair growth: Active Growth, a Transition Period, and a Shedding Period.  The best time to have laser hair removal is during the active phase, when your hair follicle will  absorb the energy from the laser so that it no longer grows. Since you hair is only actively growing between 20% and 40% of the time, it may be more difficult to absorb this energy. Since follicles cannot absorb this energy in the Transition or Shedding phases, you may need more than one treatment. 

How much money will I have to spend?

Many people who consider permanent laser hair reduction choose not to follow through with the procedure because of the high price tag that comes along with these treatments. In the past these treatments could cost as much as a car, but now cost considerably less with Blue Divine’s DIVINE affordable services and payment plans available.

Men and women of all ethnicities and skin types will no longer have to worry about dealing with ingrown hairs, razor bumps or sensitive areas with a DIVINE plan, which costs clients less and can be as low as the cost of a pedicure. At Blue Divine, we don’t believe in credit checks or interest payments. We simply want laser hair removal in Atlanta, GA to be available to all who need it, and all at an affordable price. Book your FREE consultation today, as treatment areas differ and prices vary.

Which lasers does blue divine utilize?

At Blue Divine, we offer the highest level of treatments to insure patient satisfaction. Our location offers laser hair removal treatments with Cynosure lasers. Our technicians are able to compare the quality of treatments as well as the treatment levels and patient satisfaction to ensure the highest efficacy is achieved. We utilize experience to customize your treatment for your skin type. Not all lasers advertised for laser hair removal offer permanent results, giving some confusion to the general public. Patients need to be aware that IPL's are not classified as lasers and while offering some hair reduction, the results are not optimal. Laser Hair Removal at Blue Divine is permanent hair reduction and guaranteed. We are proud to offer laser hair removal with only the highest quality lasers on the market.


Faster.Greater Efficacy.More Versatility. That is why Blue Divine insists on using the Cynosure Elite PLUS for Skin Rejuvenation. While many competitors use IPL (intense pulsed light), a 30 year old technology, to treat sun damaged skin, Blue Divine uses the safest and most advanced laser platform to treat:

  • Epidermal pigmented lesions
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Vascular anomalies
  • Spider veins


ThCynousre Elite PLUS, is an dual wavelength aesthetic platform, that allows the aesthetician the versatility of treating “browns” with the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser and “reds” with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser. Treatments are maximized for performance, safety and patient satisfaction.


How often do I come in for treatments?

Treatments are quick and easy. They can be done in a lunch break. An upper lip takes less than 5 minutes and a full back takes about 30-45 minutes. Patients need to come in from 4-8 weeks apart depending on the area being treated. Basic hair anatomy and manufacturer recommendations tell us that this is when hair growth cycles are changing and treatments should be done during this period. In your free consultation, your consultant will go over the best treatment plan to meet your needs.

What can I expect?

At Blue Divine, we only offer treatments of the highest level with Cynosure Laser's newest addition, the Apogee Elite Plus laser which has two dual wavelengths and includes the 1064 ND: Yag and the 755 nm Alexandrite which is setting the standard in the industry. Our professional technicians are able to use their experience to compare levels of treatment and prices so that efficiency and satisfaction is achieved for all of our patients. Unlike Cynosure lasers, not all products that offer hair reduction give the patient the permanent results that they are looking for, which can foster confusion in our community. Since IPL’s aren't considered lasers, they do not achieve the optimal results that customers need. At Blue Divine, our procedures have been proven over and over again to provide permanent hair reduction, guaranteed.

How many times do I have to come in before I'm finished?

Since treatments are usually fast, and they can be done in a short amount of time, even during your lunch break. For example, treatment on your upper lip can take as little as 5 minutes, while an entire back treatment can last 30 minutes or longer. Patients are asked to come in for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the treatment area. During your FREE consultation, your Divine technician will help you go over your treatment plan and arrange treatment times that best fit your schedule.

Should I be afraid of burning?

Patients can expect to resume their daily activities like work or school with no visible evidence of laser treatment, as the downtime for laser hair removal is nonexistent. At Blue Divine, comfort is a priority for our patients and as such we offer numbing cream, ice packs or the Zimmer to help with any discomfort. The Zimmer is a device that blows cold air on to the skin before laser treatment, which helps in treatment time. We go above and beyond what other salons offer, which is why patients always come away satisfied and comfortable.

Who cannot have laser hair removal treatments?

All potential patients should know that no laser, not even the Cynosure laser, can eliminate white, grey, blonde or red hair. If you have recently tanned underneath the sun or in a tanning bed, you will have to wait after tanning for laser hair removal treatment. During your FREE consultation your Divine Aesthetician will go over treatment plans and options so that you are better informed of when you can start the hair removal process.

How safe are the lasers that you use?

At Blue Divine, we only use lasers that have been approved by the FDA for our treatment options. The Cynosure lasers that we use do not mutate or change cells, and therefore never cause cancer. The procedures that we specialize in have been researched for years, and results indicate no harmful effects to the body. We offer treatments for skins of every type, and our lasers are made in such a way that your skin pigmentation is not harmed. It should be noted that patients do not receive treatments if they are on any prescriptions for photosensitivity. Apply SPF sun tan lotion to treatment areas during to help protect your skin.

Who will be performing my laser hair removal treatments?

At Blue Divine, only licensed aestheticians or Nurse Practitioners are allowed to use our lasers. Our location has a medical director onsite to review each patient’s chart and oversee treatments and protocols. All Blue Divine employees that handle lasers are required to complete rigorous training and testing and participate in supervised practice sessions before they ever begin working on clients. Once they become Medical Estheticians, they are able to use lasers to treat patients, according to the State of Georgia.

How many treatments do I need?

Because hair grows in cycles and these cycles are not going active at the same time, you can expect to come back to Blue Divine more than once. Each person's body is not the same. Different areas of a person's body can take more time than others. That is why it is hard to nail down an exact number of treatments one person may need. At Blue Divine we have helped many patients,   and have concluded that most patients need an average of 6 to 10 treatments. For your procedure to have the best effect, visit us on regularly so that when your hair becomes active, we are able to treat it.