It's time to ditch the razor
for the LASER!

12 month unlimited pricing plans

Dermatologist Recommended

Preferred Atlanta Laser Hair Removal specialist for those with medical conditions caused by hair.

Specialize In
Ethnic Skin

Our lasers are safe to treat every skin color or pigmentation.

For Men
& Women

We can treat any area of the body for both males and females.


Say goodbye to shaving and razor burn and hello to smooth skin and shorter showers.

Eliminate the need to shave or wax


Non-invasive and non-surgical


Treat areas prone to razor burns to eliminate future bumps


Results in softer and smoother skin


Selectively targets dark coarse hairs


Fast - each laser pulse is only a fraction of a second

The Divine Difference

The Best Laser Technology

Our medical grade lasers provide a fast, comfortable and extremely effective treatment. Our YAG laser is the safest wavelength for hair reduction, permanently reducing 79% after just three treatments.

Our laser applies cryotherapy during your treatment to keep & prevent your skin from heating up while keeping you distracted with a cool numbing sensation. You will experience a cold feeling with this innovative chiller technology, that delivers fast, and effective results.

We are able to treat a much wider variety of skin colors and hair colors and textures than our competitors. While most laser hair removal companies can only treat patients with fair skin, dark hair, and coarser hair, our lasers need less contrast and achieve results on all ethnicities. We also treat everything from coarser hair on men to fine facial hair on women.

Celebrity Treatment

A favorite of Atlanta celebrities, you don’t have to be famous (or on a celebrity budget) to get star treatment at Blue Divine.

We have a private, off-street entrance. We live to pamper.

Laser Hair Removal - Silky Smooth Skin at Blue Divine Spa, Atlanta, GA

The Expert Difference

We are partnered with cosmetic surgeon Dr. William E Silver and several dermatologists to provide the finest medical grade spa services.

Your treatment will be done by a professional certified laser specialist, and aesthetician. Our experts constantly continue their education to provide the highest level of skill, comfort and efficacy.



We offer two convenient and affordable ways to pay that include saving money and paying up front, or pay-as-you-go.

Packages are a way to bundle and save money. Part of our flexible model is that we provide custom pricing for patients wanting multiple packages/treatment areas. The more you buy, the more you save.

Here’s the best part: once you’ve completed a package, you get a lifetime 50% discount on touch ups!

We also offer à-la-carte pricing for each treatment area. You pay monthly at the time of your visit. Some patients like paying this way because they end up only needing 3–4 visits, and don’t end up paying for more than they use. Think of it as “financing”…without the interest.


You will be in our comfortable and clean laser hair removal room, and issued protective eyewear.

If you choose, you may book a 45-minute numbing session prior to your appointment to reduce the “zap” sensation of the laser. Most people find that after a few treatments, when the hairs have become finer, numbing treatments are no longer needed.


During the treatment the technician will administer a series of “zaps” that will target hair follicles; the zap itself may sting, but our laser is coupled with cold air which immediately cools the skin and reduces pain. After treatment, some clients experience redness for a few days, which is normal and nothing to worry about.


Most patients begin seeing a drastic reduction in hair growth after only a couple treatments, but we recommend being treated monthly for six–eight months so that we can get all the growth cycles and ensure lasting results.


DISCLAIMER: Patients will get Lifetime Guarantee 50% OFF all touch up sessions only for laser hair removal packages that were purchased. All laser hair removal packages and sessions expire 13 months after purchase date.


First you’ll need to book a consultation with Kalen, our owner and top laser expert, who will help determine if laser hair removal is right for you and what the best course of treatment will be. Go ahead and stop waxing, tweezing and tanning, ideally six weeks prior to beginning laser treatment. Arrive clean shaven for your first appointment.
Our laser is one of the gentlest on the market and has no contact with the skin, but it does feel like a “zap.” Usually the coarser the hair, the bigger the zap. Some patients choose to come 45 minutes early and pay a small additional fee to receive a numbing treatment, especially for the first few treatments or for coarser hair. We also use a SmartCooling system to keep the skin from warming during treatment.
For about six weeks prior to receiving treatment, clients should avoid sun exposure, sunless tanning, waxing and plucking. Shaving is ok, and should be done the 1-2 days prior to arrival for treatment.
Not all lasers are created equal, and we think ours is the best. We use the 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nm Nd:YAG lasers, providing unsurpassed efficacy and client comfort.

Come on in and see us, we provide laser hair removal for dark skin. Nearly everyone is a good candidate because our lasers are superior to others in treating a broader range of skin tones and hair colors. We are the best in Atlanta at treating African American and dark skin tones and pride ourselves on inclusivity. 

Laser hair removal is great for patients with ingrown hairs, hirsutism, PCOS and other medical hair conditions. Our laser also has settings for non-hair related issues, such unwanted leg veins, facial capillaries, vascular lesions and pigmentation issues. We are happy to set up an appointment with one of our dermatological partners if you’d like an additional opinion to determine if laser is right for you.

We offer patient financing through care credit for Venus Bliss & ALL of our services. 

Also purchasing a Laser Hair Removal Package is a great way to save money as well.

We are a full-service med spa, offering a variety of anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, facials, wraps, fat/cellulite reduction, massages, teeth whitening, peels and more. We’re a favorite of Atlanta celebrities, and are honored to have received many accolades.