Blue Divine Spa Announces They Are Offering Cryofacial Treatments

Blue Divine

Blue Divine Spa have announced that they are offering Cryofacials in their Atlanta, GA medical spa. The established spa also offers chemical peels, laser hair removal, and other professional beauty services.

Why should you try a cryofacial? Well honestly, if Kim Kardashian does it, it’s got to be good. It not only gives you an instant, natural glow, but it helps stimulate collagen production. It’s great to eliminate some redness from the skin, smoothes fine lines, removes puff from under the eyes, oh, and it only takes 20 minutes! SOLD! Try it on its own, or add it to your next hydrafacial, BBL, or microcurrent treatment for absolutely amazing results!

Cryofacial is a cryogenic treatment, or cryo probe, that improves the health and appearance of skin by using a controlled beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen to freeze skin. You are able to see immediate results which can last a week. Treatment typically targets cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Cryotherapy can also be used for pain relief but is mainly used to help the face look younger.

The extremely cold temperatures in cryotherapy enhance the exfoliation of dead cells on the surface of the skin and strengthen the skin as a whole. Blue Divine felt the treatment was a perfect addition for their clientele.

“We are really excited to add cryofacials, cryosliming, and toning to our list of available services. Because these services often need more than one treatment, we are pleased to be offering packages as well. Our clients love the total body toning and facials in the form of non-invasive treatments,” said Kalen Wheeler, the founder of Blue Divine Spa Atlanta.

For more information about Cryofacials and to see other available medical spa treatments, visit our Atlanta medical spa services page. To contact Blue Divine Spa, call (404) 467-4232

About Blue Divine Spa:

A leading Atlanta medical spa, Blue Divine Spa, continues to provide results-driven, celeb-approved pampering with state-of-the-art technology and private treatment in the heart of Buckhead. Treatments include Atlanta laser hair removal, chemical peels, hydrafacials, microneedling, and other body and face treatments.

Some popular questions are:

What is a Chemical Peel? 

An Atlanta chemical peel improves and smooths the texture of the skin. This technique is most often performed on the facial skin and may even be used to treat scarring. Chemical peels remove the outermost layers of the skin to reveal smoother and less wrinkled new layers of skin. Wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging can be significantly reduced.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Atlanta Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that uses laser light pulses to destroy hair follicles. Hair follicles are in a state of dormancy for a long period of time. Hair will permanently reduce & eventually some of the hair will grow back but it lasts much longer than with shaving or waxing. It’s important to do a touch up when the hair returns. Laser hair removal is considered a beauty investment but is a medical procedure. At Blue Divine, 85% of the hair is permanently reduced. All of our licensed laser practitioners are well versed in all skin types. The Cynosure elite plus laser uses light pulses to destroy hair follicles permanently. Laser hair removal at Blue Divine is performed using a single wavelength, of the 1064 YAG laser and the 755 Alexandrite laser, with the option of two wavelengths to achieve the very best results. With the effective treatments provided at Blue Divine for laser hair removal, the hair follicles are in a state of dormancy for a long period of time.

Laser Hair Removal is performed on most areas of the body, including the Face, Neck, Chest, Bikini, Legs, Back, Buttocks, Breasts/Nipples, Ears, Abdomen, Underarms, and Arms, safely & is considered a medical procedure. The process for achieving the best results for everyone investing in laser hair removal requires a series of sessions to achieve effective & optimal results. For your benefits because of this, at Blue Divine, all of our laser hair removal packages include 6-8 treatments performed every 4-8 weeks apart. Custom treatment packages can be made to accommodate multiple treatment areas, as well.

Kalen Wheeler has personally trained her staff, with over a decade of knowledge, certifications & hands-on experience treating thousands of skin types & tones by some of the top doctors. They are all licensed laser practitioners by the Georgia Composite Medical Board & licensed aestheticians.

What is a HydaFacial?

An Atlanta HydraFacial is a medical-grade skin resurfacing technique that does not involve a laser. The facial rejuvenation process that cleanses rejuvenates, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates all skin types including oily, sensitive normal, and aging. Hydrafacial’s may be scheduled every three to four weeks, depending on your skin type, age and environment. To achieve optimal results a series of Hydrafacial’s could be recommended to achieve your goals. At Blue Divine many brides will jump-start their skin goals with a series of Hydrafacial’s 6 months prior to their wedding date.

What is Microneedling?

Puncturing the skin with tiny needles in order to generate new collagen and skin tissue for a smoother, firmer, and more toned skin. Microneedling is mostly used on the face and may treat scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

What is a Medical Spa?

An Atlanta Medical Spa, med spa, or medi-spa, combine the best of traditional day spas and medical clinics. They combine a relaxing spa experience with procedures typically found at a doctors office. Services can include chemical peels, medical facials, laser hair removal, acne treatment, tissue tightening and other procedures.


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