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Laser Skin Treatment For Face, Hands & Body

If you’re an active person, chances are you spend more than your fair share of time in the sun. And if you’re over thirty, you are more than likely to show signs of premature aging due to sun damage. Reverse the signs of sun damaged skin with cosmetic laser treatment. With facial skin treatment, you can now treat sun spots, pigmented lesions and overall skin texture, giving you a more revitalized appearance than you’ve had in years.

The YAG laser facial is a zero-downtime, collagen-boosting treatment that not only tightens and lifts skin, but it also “zaps” irregularities such as rosacea, pigmented lesions, active acne, scarring, melasma, discoloration and unsightly capillaries.

These 30-minute sessions are recommended in a series of 3 to 6 treatments, about one month apart depending on the severity of skin condition. Patients experience a warming sensation similar to a hot stone massage and sometimes a slight stinging sensation when the laser eliminates an impurity or irregularity. To combat flushed skin after treatment the SmartCool air-cooling system is used in conjunction with a crystal fiber mask (for facial treatment).


Reduces appearance of age spots, brown spots, melasma, pigmented lesions and discoloration
Reduces pinkness from rosacea
Corrects the effects of sun damage
Gets rid irregularities like capillaries (especially in and around the nose) and blemishes
Boosts collagen to rejuvenate, lift and tighten skin
Treats active acne
Reduces appearance of scars and stretch marks
Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Laser Facial Skin Treatments

Treatment Packages & Prices:

Try any treatment and apply your first one to a series! The laser treatment is the clear indulgence treatment to revitalize and help you maintain healthy beautiful skin.

Add decollete and neck to any laser facial treatment +$75

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