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What not to do after laser hair removal

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You have finished your laser hair removal session and are wondering, is there anything I can’t do now? Yes! Blue Divine Spa recommends avoiding the following seven things after your treatment.

Here are 8 things to avoid doing after getting laser hair removal. Do not:

1. Expose the treated area to direct sunlight or tanning beds. The laser can make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so it is important to stay out of the sun and avoid using tanning beds.

2. Rub, scratch, or pick at the treated area. This can cause irritation and delays in the healing process.

3. Apply any type of lotion, cream, or ointment to the treated area until it is healed. These products can interfere with the laser’s ability to penetrate the skin and may cause the laser to overheat.

4. Shower or bathe for at least six hours after your laser hair removal treatment. You will feel like taking a shower, but you have to resist the urge! The treated area needs time to dry out before getting wet again. This means no swimming either.

5. Wear tight-fitting clothing over the treated area. Loose fitting clothes are best for the first few days of recovery, so that the treated area has time to breathe.

6. Work out or engage in physical activities that involve a lot of sweating right after treatment. You can resume regular exercise once you feel up to it, but avoid doing anything too strenuous on the day of treatment. Remember, the treated area is still healing.

7. Expect immediate results! Some people start to see hair growth reduction after the first treatment, but many need between 3-6 sessions for best results. The more you know before your procedure, the happier you’ll be with the results afterward.

The above is what not to do after laser hair removal; if you want to know what to do, stay tuned for our next blog post! In the meantime, contact us at Laser Body Solutions to schedule your own Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. We look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful, hair-free results that you deserve!

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